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Safety is extremely important for us especially when  you’re in Transport and Logistics industry. We strive to maintain a safe working environment with a view to protect our employees, customers, and community. We spent a considerable amount of money and time on safety to ensure we are in compliance with safety rules at all times. Our commitment and dedication to safety and compliance are represented through:


The drivers at Greater Geelong Logistic are encouraged to take on a 3-day induction program including driving test, theory test, and on-the-job training. 

We also conduct background checks of our drivers to assure that they possess adequate skills and are competent to perform their tasks.

All our drivers with ongoing training are encouraged to be aware of new rules and policies of the transport industry. We arrange safety meetings and toolbox talks to educate our drivers about the safety hazards and safe work practices.
All are trained truck drivers are periodically audited ensuring that they are in compliance with National Vehicle Heavy Laws and organization rules. We strive to maintain the general’s records for auditing purposes and use logbooks to verify drivers’ work diary daily sheets.

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