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3PL stands for Third-Party Logistic. The primary role of 3PL is to outsource some or all logistic activities of a company. 

This sector emphasis providing 3PL warehousing services to customers not having space to store their own product. Also, the company providing 3PL services develops inventory management, packing, and shipping solutions for their clients.

Today 3PL companies are managing all aspects of the supply chain, providing a wide range of storage and distribution services to their customers. 


With a large number of warehouse network across Meloburne & Geelong, we are here to fulfil the need of our customers.


Fliexibility is at the core of Greater Geelong Logistics 3PL Logistic service. By quickly adapting to the continuously changing demand of the market, responding to clients’ needs with urgency, and delivering excellent customer service quality, Greater Geelong Logistics can accomplish even the most convenient warehousing needs of their clients.


As a leading operator in the 3PL industry, Greater Geelong Logistics assures to provide safe and secure transportation, logistic, and warehousing services to their clients. This assures your goods are kept safe and secure during the time they are transported or warehoused.

Same Day Service

If you are looking for same-day shipping, Greater Geelong Logistics is an excellent option. Our 3 PL logistics service assures us to offer fast shipping no matter where the goods are been delivered.

Why Prefer Greater Geelong Logistic 3PL Warehousing Service?

Greater Geelong Logistic is accredited, focused, committed, and dedicated to offering 3PL warehousing services to their customers at competitive rates. We strive to provide our clients with the most effective 3PL logistic solutions based on their business requirements. 

We have a strong desire to deliver only the highest possible quality third-party logistic solutions which enables business owners to bring about a change that they have fantasized about for their growing organization needs. 

Our experienced team will consult with you to know your requirements that led us to find the best solution for your business as we have immense knowledge about each company we work with, and can also arrange some competitive quotes for you to consider, leaving you to focus more on your business sales and growth. 

The customer interaction is continuous and includes feedback from our client’s customers. This enables us to make necessary changes to improve our supply chain services on a timely basis. 

Working with clients customers should be the fundamental responsibility of any service provider in the 3PL industry as this approach helps to address problems or issues that may arise during implememtiaon before they go out of hand.

At Greater Geelong Logistic, we attend to the needs of our clients and assure to point them in the right direction, saving both time and money. Kindly call us today to avail our exemplary 3PL warehousing service.

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